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Corn and Sorghum Freeze Damage

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Grasshoppers are again a problem for growers and ranches in some areas of the region.  Below is a list of some products currently labeled for grasshopper control in pastures and hay which was compiled by Allen Knutson, Extension Entomologist at the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Dallas.  Note that some products contain the same active ingredient, but often at different concentrations, which is important when comparing prices.  Some of these are generic products that have entered the market once the patent expired on the original product.  In some cases, the rates are the same for the generic product as for the original registered product, but this is not always the case, even when the concentration remains unchanged.  Thus, check the product label for the appropriate rate.  The list also provides information on grasshopper control in general.

Grasshoppers 2013

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